Custom Precision Fluid Control
Components and Systems

ValveTech Inc. located in Phelps, NY is an industry leader
in the advancement of precision fluid control technology.

Custom Precision Fluid Control
Components and Systems

ValveTech Inc. in Phelps, NY is one of the leaders when it
comes to advancing precision fluid control technology.

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We cater to the most influential and recognized companies in the aerospace and commercial industries.

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We proudly offer a variety of top-notch products that are used by our clients across the globe.

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ValveTech has been operating since 1986. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience.

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We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality custom components while maintaining competitive pricing.

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No matter how unique your fluid control needs are, you can count on us to provide you with an ideal solution.

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Technology and Innovation

Every product we manufacture is engineered for optimal performance.

Check, 18030 Manifold

Part number 18030 is a 14.25” x 4.88” x 2.44” manifold designed for the Advanced Seal Delivery System undersea vehicle. The manifold contains a series of check and relief valves for operating various hydraulic devices on the vehicle. There is a common return port and 12 separate inlet ports. This manifold replaced a series of 24 in-line mounted check and relief valves. The fluid is USDA Class H-1 Food Machinery Oil. The manifold and all internal components are machined 6Al-4V ELI Grade Titanium.

Solenoid, Miniature High Pressure

ValveTech’s miniature solenoid valves provide high performance in an extremely small package. Metallic materials of construction are typically 430 CRES for magnetic parts and 300 series stainless steel for the remaining. Other high performance magnetic materials, such as E-Brite and Hyperco, can also be used. Welds are done using electron beam welding to minimize heat input to decrease heat affected zones and deformation.

Coil insulation is typically done with Nomex paper or plastic bobbins. In the smallest designs, parylene coatings are used to insulate the winding from the spool assembly metal.

Seat sealing can be accomplished with elastomers in low-pressure application with internal leakage of less than 1 x 10-5 sccs helium across the operating requirements. In high-pressure applications, high performance thermoplastics are used and can meet internal leakage rates better than 1 x 10-4 sccs helium across the operating requirements.

Relief, 11089-1 Valve

Part number 11089-1 is a large pneumatic, poppet type, relief valve used to vent the crew cabin on the General Dynamics Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. The 1.426 inch diameter flow opening is sealed with an O-ring mounted in a dovetail groove. The valve is manufactured aluminum with black anodize coating.

Solenoid, 18033 Manifold

ValveTech part number 18033 was designed for an IR&D program and used as a Coarse Gimbal Assembly for the THAAD seeker head. The stainless steel manifold contains a welded bellows accumulator assembly and a two-way solenoid valve assembly. The manifold also contained provisions for mounting struts that were hydraulically locked in place by the solenoid valve.

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