Solenoid, Miniature High Pressure

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ValveTech’s miniature solenoid valves provide high performance in an extremely small package. Matellic materials of construction are typically 430 CRES for magnetic parts and 300 series stainless steel for the remaining. Other high performance magnetic materials, such as E-Brite and Hyperco, can also be used. Welds are done using electron beam welding to minimize heat input to decrease heat affected zones and deformation.

Coil insulation is typically done with nomex paper or plastic bobbins. In the smallest designs, parylene coatings are used to insualate the winding from the spool assembly metal.

Seat sealing can be accomplished with elastomers in low pressure application with internal leakage of less than 1 x 10-5 sccs helium across the operating requirements. In high pressure applications, high performance thermoplastics are used and can meet internal leakage rates better than 1 x 10-4 sccs helium across the operating requirements.


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